Introduction to Corporate Culture

How to go from Average to Excellent

Do you work for a truly excellent company?  Odds are that you do not. Could you turn your place of work into a truly excellent company?  With awareness of and attention to the Corporate Culture of your company, the answer is yes.

This book will show you how to define the Corporate Culture of your company and how you can influence and even change it for the better—the key to making an average company a truly excellent one.

While everyone can learn and benefit from the knowledge of how Corporate Culture functions – the more senior people have proportionately more influence on the outcome and its sustainability. The head honcho usually has the most direct impact.

I have always marvelled at the apparent simplicity of modern day business management. What’s the big deal?  After all it’s just a question of being organized, staying focused and getting on with the business of business. Throw in a bit of accounting—to keep score of the process—and you are literally “in business”. Oh, and don’t forget the cash flow—the accountants and the banks seem to get a little upset if there is some shortage of that.

What’s wrong with this picture?  A hermit working alone in a garret might manage just fine with that kind of business model. But get two people together, and complications start to set in. That’s when you start to get the dynamics of human interaction. Make it three people and the dynamic becomes significantly more difficult. Make it an organization full of people and the complexity increases exponentially. So if the people element of the business makes for all that complexity, how do truly great organizations become truly great?  Indeed, it raises the broader question:  are they truly great or are they just lucky to be at that point in their existence?

Quite often, and much more commonly than you may expect, the excellence characteristic resides in one or two key people. These people may not influence the entire organization, but influence sufficient sectors by their span of control or their breadth and depth of interaction so that you see one or more microcosms (and even some macrocosms) of the cultural impact that their style and approach brings.

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